Stand-up Comedy Workshop


Level 1 and 2

Starts July, 2023

Duration : 6 Weeks


Level 1, (3) spots open*

This is the foundation class for stand-up comics. These performers will learn about “styles” of comedy, writing formulas, topics to work from and finding your comedic “voice”. Students will be provided weekly homework and fully develop a 4-5 minute set that will be performed live at a local open mic for classmates and friends as a graduation.

Level 2, (3) spots open*

These performers will now have the opportunity to regularly work their craft in a simulated performance venue with a live audience and the usual props; a brick wall, a stool and a mic/ stand. Through weekly performances, re-writes and an audience of engaged and supportive peers/ public, these performers will continue to build their material, confidence, stage presence and comedic “voice”.

Instructor- Kate Belton


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