Monologues and Your Acting Career – February 17, 2024


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With Dalias Blake,

Saturday February 17, 2024 11 am-4pm (4) spots open* $85 + GST

Monologues are a key component in many film, television and theater projects often used to convey deep emotions of a character or dispense information quickly regarding the story being told. The first half of this workshop will explore techniques on how to best approach a monologue as an actor in order to deliver it as naturally and believably as possible. Focus will be the importance of monologues in your career as a whole and how to best approach them.

The second portion of the workshop will be a focus on the I.M.B.E success navigation system. This navigation system will identify where each participant is in their chosen career as an actor, and inform them how to prepare and thrive in a long term career.


This workshop is necessary because actors are often terrified of monologues or taking on the task of handling large chunks of dialogue in a scene or play. Monologuing is important for both the writer and the actor in order to serve the story being told. Monologues allow us as the audience to better understand significant moments in a scene or play and can also help us to delve into the emotions of a character. The understanding and implementation of the I.M.B.E navigation system will help the actor establish, develop and maintain a long term career in the film industry or theater.


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