Improv 101 – July 15, 2024


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to develop trust, improve communication, and enhance your personal and professional skills through the power of improvisation. Join us and experience the transformative journey of telling better stories, gaining confidence, and improving your audition and acting abilities. Enroll now and let the magic of improvisation open doors to a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

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GET ON YOUR FEET AND OUT OF YOUR HEAD!  This class is for actors, performers, entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to loosen up, lighten up and get more comfortable and confident in the moment, anytime, anywhere. Improvisation might be scary for some, so this class shows you that its a skill that can be learned and enjoyed. It just takes commitment and trust.  In this class you will learn more about yourself and the world around you in an exciting new environment of your supportive new teammates (and suddenly best friends).  Students will build on a solid foundation of Improv Skills/ practices, and have lots of fun exploring theatre games specifically designed to:

  • Develop Trust
  • Improve listening and connection and be better understood
  • Strengthen commitment and “gut ” instincts , as well as personal character choices
  • Gain confidence with your physicality and use of space
  • Overcome inner fear and gain confidence and presence in any situation.
  • Tell a better story and improve audition/ acting skills


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