Your Acting Career- Under the Microscope – Aug. 10

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August 10, 2024 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

With Dalias Blake,

Saturday August 10, 2024 11 am-4pm  $75 + GST

Join Veteran Actor Dalias Blake for a comprehensive and detailed breakdown of what it takes to establish and maintain a career as a professional working actor. This workshop will break down the business of acting and put it under the microscope for analysis.
The workshop will begin with the shallow exploration of a monologue provided for each participant. Monologues are a key component in many film, television and theater projects. Focus will be the importance of monologues in the actors career and how to best approach them.

The second portion of the workshop will be a focus on the ACTORS I.M.B.E. These are the 4 crucial components required to build a prominent and sustainable career in the film and television industry.



This workshop is necessary because actors are often terrified of monologues or taking on the task of handling large chunks of dialogue in a scene or play. The clear understanding and implementation of the ACTORS I.M.B.E. is essential to establish, develop and maintain a long term career in the film industry.

Register Now For $75
Your Acting Career- Under the Microscope – Aug. 10 $75

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