Working on Camera – August/ Sept.

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August 20, 2024 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Repeats weekly (Tuesdays)

We are excited for the return of this popular and essential actors class.  From learning the call sheet to camera angles and edit points,  learn about the many aspects of working on set that will allow you to do your “job” with confidence and shine in the performance of your role.  Actors will quickly learn how to stand out as a prepared and professional actor and gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire production and shooting process,  as well as the various roles of the cast and crew, and the tricks to landing on your mark.  This course also provides a preliminary glossary of technical language, enabling you to comprehend the production’s inner workings and the soundscape surrounding you. Whether you’re new to set experiences or transitioning from theater or background roles, this class is immensely beneficial for actors at any stage of their career. Be ready to make your mark on set with confidence and expertise.

Register Now For $300
Working on Camera – August/ Sept. $300

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