Voiceover 101

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April 12, 2024 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Repeats weekly (Fridays) 6 classes

In this live, “In-studio” course you will be introduced to the expanding universe of voice acting.

And unlike others around town, this class offers THE WHOLE THING!

Q: Have you ever dreamed of being one of those voices you hear on TV shows, commercials, social media, movies and more?

Q: Do your friends and family tell you that you should get into voice acting because your impressions and characters are awesome?

Q: Do you have any idea about the world of voiceovers?
Are super interested in giving it a go?

Turn your dreams into reality with Voiceover 101 at EMC Studios.

In this COMPREHENSIVE  6 week course, taught by media personality and voiceover artist ARA, you will learn how to use your voice on a whole new level. Students will explore individual and group exercises, including script writing, voice recordings, animation, the movie trailer voice, the importance of timing, the art of the pause and so much more.

Voiceover 101 will prepare you for real life auditions and recording sessions, with insider knowledge, and will provide you with the confidence that you need to take the plunge into the world of voice acting!

This course is highly recommended for anyone who is SERIOUSLY interested in taking a step into this side of the acting and performance realm, and will also greatly benefit tv/film actors.

Instructor: Ara Andonian

Event Sold Out
Voiceover 101 $400

Event Sold Out
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