Audition Taping and Coaching

Professional audition tapes at EMC include a reader, coaching, editing, title card and delivery. Unlock your full potential and perfect your craft with personalized audition coaching that will help you master your lines, emotions, and delivery. Gain the confidence and skills you need to impress casting directors and land your dream role.

Audition Self Tapes with Coaching

Bring your well prepared audition to the studio and we will set you up with professional lighting, camera and reader along with your choice of color backdrop. We will then record your audition takes while coaching you, as needed, to help you deliver an audition that you are confident is the best it can be. We will then edit, add your slate and a title card and deliver to your agent and provide a copy for you. It’s always lots of fun and you will leave knowing that you put your best foot forward.

The rates is as follows;
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